Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feeding Grounds (10/31)

Feeding Grounds

Wow my weekend was rough between this and the last movie.  At least the action in Midnight Movie was funny, but Feeding Grounds didn't even have that much going for it.  The decisions that the group made were silly, the method of the kills was silly, the acting was annoying, the script was annoying.  The only good thing I could say about this is that it eventually ended,  and with a mildly funny line. 

Avoid this one!

Midnight Movie (9/31)

Midnight Movie

Well it looks as though I unintentionally mixed in some comedy to my month.  This movie was completely hilarious from the start.  The acting, the story, the fake limps, everything about it.  I sat through the whole thing kind of rooting to see how the characters were killed.  It did pop out of nowhere with a surprising torture scene (not my thing), but other than that there were really no surprises or any real reason to watch.


Deadgirl (8/31)


The strangeness and novelty of this one gave it a good feel.  I found myself arguing with the screen throughout (you know how we do) because of the decisions the characters made.  I also liked the feeling that it was just "something that happened" without over-explaining any history to the story.

I was also very impressed by the job that Noah Segan did with his character. 

He Knows You're Alone (7/31)

He Knows You're Alone

This movie is from 1980 and it seemed as though, from a lot of shots,  from a little of the score, and some of the camera angles that they set out to copy some of formula from Halloween which was 2 years earlier.

The death scenes were not graphic enough to pull off the lack of suspense in this movie.  Just felt like I was watching some sweaty weird guy run up to people and kill them.  

If you do watch it - you'll at least get to say that you saw Tom Hanks' big screen debut as Elliot.

Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs (6/31)

Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs

I did mention in one of my earlier posts that the Masters of Horror Series ranges from laughable to interesting.  Minus the first 10 minutes of this one, it was definitely on the laughable end.  I found myself just wanting to get through it and not really caring what happened at all.

Triangle (5/31)


I actually really enjoyed this one.  I'm one for going into movies as "fresh" as I can.  In some cases I won't even read the entire Plot-line described because I want to be surprised.  I knew absolutely nothing about this movie going in and I'm glad I didn't - I was pleasantly surprised and got taken for a ride.

When you watch it - you'll figure out pretty quickly what's going on but you still won't have any idea what's coming around the next corner.

Masters of Horror: The Fair Haired Child (4/31)

Masters of Horror: The Fair Haired Child

If you aren't familiar with the Masters of Horror series - well - where have you been?  It's a showtime series that showcases 13 different Horror/Thriller filmmakers and gives them each their own story to tell.  I really like the beginning song - I think I'm going to try to grab it for a ringer.

I watched the majority of these last year and they range from completely laughable to interesting.  One of the great things about the series is that given the shorter over-all time of the film the storytellers usually jump into the main plot pretty quickly.

In Fair Haired Child I found the acting was decent and the story kept me interested the entire time.  I didn't find it scary but I did find it entertaining.