Friday, October 22, 2010

Let's Go!

Ok: so now that you've hopefully read the rules here we go.  Let me start by saying that these will be just links to the movies and films that I've seen included by a little bit of my opinion on them.  I don't plan on being a movie critic so I'll keep it short.

I also will try my best to give away as little of the plot as possible so those of you who want to see it won't get any spoilers - unless you want to contact me and get them.  After all I hate when people even say things like "The end was such a nice twist".  Great - so now I'm sitting through the whole movie trying to figure out the "twist" at the end.

So back in late September I beefed up the Netflix queue from 1 movie out at a time to 3 and periodically checked the DirectTV schedule for things to DVR throughout the month to get ready.

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